Our Privacy Policy


George Parish & Sons Ltd sets out its policy under the requirements under the Data Protection Act 1998 as the data controller for the use of personal information. George Parish & Sons Ltd will employ reasonable efforts to bring this policy to your attention and where appropriate provide options in relation to treatment of your personal information. Personal information includes names, addresses, telephone, fax, email address, title/positions and other such information relating to you as an individual whether you are acting in your own capacity or working in business.George Parish & Sons Ltd collects personal information in a variety of ways whether you or your organisations have made contact with George Parish & Sons Ltd, or George Parish & Sons Ltd has made contact with you. This may include but is not limited to telephone, email, attending training courses, seminars or events, questionnaires or other promotional campaigns.
George Parish & Sons Ltd collects this information in its secure databases in order to record and support your interest in George Parish & Sons Ltd for providing IT products and services, administration, marketing, training, verification for when accessing secure areas. George Parish & Sons Ltd will also use the information for sales, customer surveys, marketing via telephone, email, post or SMS. George Parish & Sons Ltd may provide your information to George Parish & Sons Ltd suppliers, contractors, partners, goods and service providers and agents for these purposes. Beyond these purposes personal information is also used for the following:
For George Parish & Sons Ltd departments for promotion of unrelated goods and services, for example cross selling.

For George Parish & Sons Ltd associated companies (subsidiary or parent) for the marketing and promotion of their respective company and its goods and services.
For marketing purposes George Parish & Sons Ltd may provide and share your personal information to George Parish & Sons Ltd business partners, suppliers and agents to let you know of any goods, services, events, seminar or other opportunities that may be of interest to you.
The above points are options George Parish & Sons Ltd will present to you to determine whether or not your personal information should be used to participate in the same, unless you have already exercised your options from the outset when providing your personal information. From time to time it may be necessary to clarify options you may have exercised, for instance when it is not clear where you do not wish your personal information to be used or if fresh/new opportunities present themselves that may be of interest to you but we may request you to make this decision.
By supplying your information to George Parish & Sons Ltd you consent to it being processed or transferred outside of the EEA.
You in turn may provide personal information to George Parish & Sons Ltd relating to another individual and this information is given and received by George Parish & Sons Ltd on the basis the other individual has given their agreement and consent to the passing-on of their personal information for George Parish & Sons Ltd to use as provided in this policy.

Monitoring Communications

George Parish & Sons Ltd monitor and/or record communications for the purposes of improvement of George Parish & Sons Ltd goods and services and staff training.

Use of Cookies

The George Parish & Sons Ltd website employs the use of cookies to facilitate your visit and make browsing easier. Cookies will not contain and are not used to collect personal information however our web-servers automatically log the IP/Internet address of your computer, this information does not identify you personally.

Updates and Amendments

You have the right to access and correct your personal information and privacy preferences. This may be accomplished from time to time when George Parish & Sons Ltd may contact you or by you in writing to the Data Base Manager at dbasemanager@gpsskiphire.co.uk or by calling the Data Base Manager on 0161 736 6060. George Parish & Sons Ltd reserves all rights including intellectual property, copyright, database rights and the right to update or amend this Policy.