Salford Scrap Metal Dealers

Salford Scrap Metal Dealers

Salford Scrap Metal DealersWe deal in Ferrous & Non-Ferrous metals, serving the Salford and Manchester areas.
You can as part of our scrap metal recycling service, bring the metal to our Transfer Station, (at Guide St, Salford), or we can deliver skips to your sites or works to collect the scrap metals. You can set up an account with our selves to provide skips on a regular basis if you require.

With our onsite Handling Equipment, we can load or unload, scrap metal and waste from your vehicle when you arrive.

We have our own weight bridge to process the metal recycling.
This is a fully Digital Weighbridge which allows us to accurately weight the vehicles.

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Scrap Metal Salford

Salford Scrap Metal DealersThe Weighbridge is regularly calibrated by the Weights & Measures. We pay by the tonnage of scrap metal.
We can deal either by-

  • Immediate Cash Payment
  • On Monthly Account
  • Contracts

Transfer Station for Recycling

Having our own transfer station allows us to increase the turn around time on our waste collections, and avoid any long delays so that Customer’s could other wise face.


Waste Output GraphThis transfer Station allows us to break down the loads and, recycle all Aggregates in to-

  • Wood products,
  • Brick and Stone
  • Soil
  • Metals

Factory Clearances & Closing Down Clearances



Factory Clearances & Closing Down ClearancesImage 3 of a Factory Clearances & Closing Down ClearancesAllow us to remove all machinery, materials, scrap and unwanted items quickly and cleanly, this enables you to get on with refitting the factory or warehouse for its new purpose.


Closing Down service allows us to remove all the items that are no longer required from the business or venture you are closing down.

Image 2 of a Factory Clearances & Closing Down Clearances